Travel Stories

I love exploring, finding out about the local cultures and, of course, trying the local food! I’m always on the search for new places to visit too, so please do let me know if there’s somewhere I should be heading, something i should be seeing, or something I should be eating!

Find some of my travel stories here.

Around Hong Kong

Tai Wai to Tai Mei Tuk – Bikes and Barbecues in Hong Kong

Shanghai Street

Jumbo Buffet

Mooncakes and Mid-Autumn Festival 

Lamma Island 

Going Native: Teepees on Lantau Island 

Hong Kong’s Flower Markets 

Dragon Boat Festival 

Kayaking in Sai Kung

Day to Day Hong Kong living (a guest post) 

Across Asia

A taste of Thailand, and a recipe for Thai Basil Pork

Malapascua Island

An Ode to Pho in Vietnam

Stranded in Sanya 

A Postcard from Cambodia: Phnom Penh

A Postcard from Cambodia: Siem Reap 

Mornings in Myanmar 

Balloons over Bagan 

The Rest of the World!

Goulash Fairy Tales in Cesky Kromlov

Afternoon Tea at Bettys, Yorkshire