No Bake Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

 Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::

No Bake Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cheesecake – A deliciously smooth and rich cheesecake, packed with chocolate orange flavour. This is a simple no bake recipe you’ll be wanting to make again and again! 

I’m so happy its Saturday! What is it about the weeks following bank holidays that just seems to make them drag so much? It defies all logic, but somehow a four day week has the ability to feel so much longer than a five day one! I always wish come the weekend I could lie in. I love sleep, I love my bed, yet still, come 6am on a Saturday morning, I’m wide awake. Its frustrating, especially when i’ve been tired all week and want to catch up on sleep, but its not always a bad thing.

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::

Instead of trying to force sleep this morning I got up and, took myself down to the kitchen, and had baking in pyjamas kind of morning. I like being down in the kitchen before anyone else is up, rubbing together pastry, or creaming together sugar and butter. Taking time and doing things slowly. Using a wooden spoon instead of the electric beaters, trying to keep nice and quiet to let everyone sleep in. Padding around in fluffy slippers, and a cosy hoodie. It was the  perfect way to ease into the weekend, pottering around the kitchen, not having to be anywhere for a good few hours. Having a few hours of time completely to myself. A little time to relax and unwind, baking therapy after a busy week.

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::

Today I’m being you the product of one such therapy session. I’m very excited to bring you this cheesecake recipe. Terry’s Chocolate Orange, in a cheesecake. In other words, pure heaven. Its rich, its smooth, its creamy, its chocolatey, its citrusy, its indulgent, its fluffy, and its delicious. Fans of this chocolate orange cake, or this chocolate jaffa cake, are going to absolutely love this.

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::

Its made using my favourite no bake cheesecake method, by whipping together cream cheese and double cream. No baking, no worrying water baths, no gelatine. It couldn’t be simpler, but the results are something really special. If you’re looking for a quick and easy crowd pleaser this weekend, you’ll want to give this recipe a go.

A whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange is melted into the cheesecake, and the chocolate orange flavour is enhanced with cocoa powder and orange extract. Neither flavour is over powering, and the richness of the chocolate and the cream is balanced beautifully by the orange citrus notes.

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::

I like to whip up the double cream before folding it very carefully through the whipped up cream cheese. It gives an extra light and fluffy texture. I’ve made this cheesecake before though, by just pouring the cream into the whipped cream cheese and continuing to beat, and this works well too. The finished cheesecake is a little denser, but not excessively so, and is still delicious. If you really wanted to you could save on time, and washing up another bowl, and skip pre whipping the cream.

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::

To decorate the cheesecake I’ve used swirls of whipped cream, grated chocolate orange, and these mini chocolate orange segments. These dangerously addictive little nibbles come in a loose in a bag. They’re devilishly moreish, and its far too easy to convince yourself that just one more won’t hurt! They’re even better on a generously cut slice of this cheesecake, perhaps with a little bit of cream poured over, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Go on, you know you want to!

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::

Chocolate Orange Cheesecake ::


– I used this orange extract from Sainsbury’s, and these mini chocolate orange bites

– Make sure you use full fat cream cheese. Low fat version will not set properly, leaving you with a very runny cheesecake.  

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Chocolate Orange Cheesecake
Prep time
Total time
A deliciously smooth and rich cheesecake, packed with chocolate orange flavour. This is a simple no bake recipe you'll be wanting to make again and again!
Recipe type: no bake cheesecake
Serves: serves 8 - 10
  • 300g digestive biscuits
  • 100g butter, melted
  • 250ml double cream (plus 100ml to decorate)
  • 600g full fat cream cheese
  • 250g icing sugar, sifted
  • 50g cocoa powder, sifted
  • 1 teaspoon of orange extract
  • 1 chocolate orange (or 175g of orange flavoured chocolate)
  • mini chocolate orange segments, to decorate
  1. Grease and line a 23cm spring form tin.
  2. Put the digestive biscuits in a large zip loc bag and bash with a rolling pin until you have small crumbs. Put into a large bowl and pour in the melted better. Stir together until the crumbs are evenly coated with butter. Alternatively, pulse the biscuits in a food processor, then pour in the butter with the motor still running.
  3. Pour the biscuit mixture into the prepared tin. Press it down with the your knuckles, or the back of a spoon, making sure the biscuit is even and well packed in the tin. Put into the fridge to chill for half an hour.
  4. Meanwhile, start to make the filling. In a large bowl, whip the double cream until it forms stiff peaks. Set aside.
  5. In a separate bowl, put the cream cheese, sifted icing sugar, sifted cocoa powder and orange extract in a bowl. Whisk together until all the ingredients are smooth and combined. The mixture will become lighter, but it won't become stiff or form peaks.
  6. Fold in the double cream, taking care not to knock out too much of the air. Once evenly combined, pour in the melted chocolate orange and fold until the chocolate is evenly mixed.
  7. Pour over your prepared base, and put in the fridge to chill for at least two hours.
  8. To decorate, whip the additional 100ml of double cream. Pipe onto the cheesecake, and top with mini chocolate orange segments. Grate chocolate orange over to finish.


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  1. oh wow, yum! your photos are lovely as well 🙂

  2. This looks and sounds SO indulgent! I know exactly what you mean about lazy weekend baking mornings, such a nice way to start the day 🙂

  3. Yum, yum! Just as well I didn’t see this when I was going through my “eat all the chocolate orange flavoured things I can find’ phase, it would have been very dangerous!

    • It really is dangerous stuff! Luckily my brother has polished off the last of the cheesecake, it was very, very hard knowing it was sitting there in the fridge calling to me!

  4. This looks delicious! I don’t normally like cheesecake, but I’m going to have to try this one out sometime. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Do you wait for the chocolate to cool before adding it to the cream chelse and cream mixture??

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipe. It is by far the nicest cheesecake I have had! I wonder can it be put in the freezer? I am thinking I might do it for my dessert Christmas day and it would make things a little easier if I could but don’t want to incase it ruins the flavour etc.xx

    • Thanks Ellen! I’m so glad to hear you like the cheesecake. I’ve never frozen it myself so I can’t guarantee that it freezes well, but I would think it should be ok if it goes into the freezer well wrapped. Alternatively it would keep well in the fridge for several days so could be made a few days in advance of Christmas. Hope you enjoy the cheesecake and have a lovely Christmas 🙂 x

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