{my last rolo} Rolo Cupcakes

rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com

Rich chocolate cupcakes with a gooey caramel rolo centre. Topped with lashings of creamy chocolate buttercream, and finished off with one last rolo. Who would you give your last rolo to this Valentine’s Day? 

Less than a week until Valentine’s Day. What are your thoughts on the day? This ones a true divider isn’t it. Some people love the hearts and flowers romance, other people see it as a cringe inducing consumer holiday. Personally i’m a little on the fence. You won’t find me out a restaurant eating from their special Valentine’s menu like every other couple squeezed slightly awkwardly inside. I won’t be expecting an arrival of a showy bouquet, or to be showered with bow wrapped gifts. I do, however like the idea of Valentine’s. A carefully chosen card with handwritten words that mean something. The chance to take a little time to remember to tell someone you love them. Maybe a  home cooked meal, a bottle of wine shared on the sofa.

rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com

In the spirit of a more personal, more homemade Valentine’s celebration, I’m bringing you a weeks worth of recipes. Each day in the run up to the 14th i’ll have something new. Some recipes are quick and easy, others a little more indulgent.

Starting, of course, with something chocolatey.

Rolo cupcakes to, in true cheesy Valentine’s fashion, to give your last rolo to someone you love.

rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com

These chocolate cupcakes are fudgy and delicious. In the centre are two rolos stacked up, they melt down just a little in the oven to create a gooey puddle of oozing caramel and chocolate.

They’re topped with a smooth, creamy butter icing and finished off with that one last rolo.

rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com

The butter icing recipe takes a simple butter and icing sugar recipe, and adds a little double cream and melted milk chocolate to make it extra chocolaty, and extra indulgent. You’ll love this recipe. Its already become one of my favourite cupcakes to bake and to eat.

rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com

The recipe makes 6, the perfect amount to give a box to your love, or to become a pudding after a Valentine’s meal. If you’ve got children in the house they’ll love making these recipes to give to away to friends, or to help put together a Valentine’s treat for Mummy or Daddy. If you are making them for children, you might want to half the amount of butter icing, or make them mini sized. Just pop one rolo into each mini cupcake and reduce the bake time accordingly.

rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com rolo cupcakes :: www.scarletscorchdroppers.com

notes // 

– put the rolos into the freezer at least half an hour before baking the cupcakes. This will result in the rolos holding together better in the oven, and a bigger pocket of caramel inside the cakes. If you don’t have time you can put them in at room temperature and you will still get a caramelly centre, but it will be less pronounced. 

– the recipe makes enough butter icing to pipe a generous mr whippy style butter icing. If you would rather use less buttercream simply half the recipe.  


{my last rolo} Rolo Cupcakes

(makes 6 large cupcakes)


for the cupcakes 

115g unsalted butter, softened to room temperature

95g caster sugar

45g soft light brown sugar

100g self raising flour

2 medium eggs

40g cocoa powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons milk

12 rolos (frozen beforehand, see note above)


for the butter icing 

200g icing sugar

100g unsalted butter, softened to room temperature

30g cocoa power

30ml milk

25ml double cream

30g milk chocolate, melted

6 rolos, to decorate



Put the rolos into the freezer at least half an hour before you make the cake.

Preheat the oven to 180C/ 160C fan/ 350F.

Line a cupcake tray with 6 paper cases.

To make the cupcakes.

Cream together the butter and sugars until light and pale.

Add one of the eggs, along with half of the flour. Mix together. Repeat with the second egg and the remaining flour. Beat in the cocoa powder, followed by the vanilla, then fold in the milk.

Half fill each of the cupcake cases.

Put two rolos into each case, stacked on top of each other.

Top up the cases with the remaining cupcake batter.

Put into the pre-heated oven and bake for about 20 minutes, or until the cupcakes are well risen, and an inserted skewer comes out clean. Remember the middle of the cake will be full of caramel.

Put onto a wire rack to cool completely.

Once cool, make your butter icing.

To make your butter icing. 

Cream together the butter, icing sugar, cocoa powder and milk. Beat in the double cream, and melted chocolate.

Pipe onto your cupcakes, and top each cake with a rolo.

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  1. So amazing!

  2. This looks fantastic! =)

  3. I’m with you on Valentines – I detest the commercial side of it but like the romantic gestures. And that chocolate buttercream looks amazing! xx

  4. These look incredible! Love the idea of rolo cupcakes

  5. I am with you, I am not a fan of all the commercial stuff that goes with Valentines day. These cakes look amazing though! x

  6. These are perfect! Completely agree with you about Valentine’s day too – it doesn’t need to be commercial to be romantic!

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