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Something a little different today – I’m taking part in a blog hop! Kirsten over at the Pink Rose Bakery invited me to join in. Kirsten writes about all things gluten free, and I’m always amazed at the results she can achieve. Her recipes are vibrant and fresh and always leave me hungry! She’s inspired me to experiment with different types of flour (as soon as I’m in a country that actually sells them…!) and branch out into more tummy friendly baking. If you’re venturing into the world of gluten-free cooking make sure you check out her guide to flours

So what exactly is a blog hop you ask? Well, did you ever take part in chain letters? The type where someone would send you a letter, then you had to send one on to several other people? Not the horrid, ‘send this or the world will end’ ones, but the fun ones. I remember doing one where you send on chocolate and then chocolate got sent back in return. Anyway, this is a bit like that. Kirsten answered questions about her blog, then passed them on for me to answer. When I’m done I’ll pass them onto another blogger for their turn. A little look behind the scenes! 

  1. What are you working on at the moment?

A heck lot of baking! With only 30 days left with a kitchen (eek!!) before we hit the road for 4 months, I’m trying to get as much use as possible out of my oven. As well as working on lots of summery recipes, mostly ice cream, I’m also starting on some very unseasonal treats too. I’ve started cooking up autumnal bakes, and even the odd Christmas treat, to keep recipes coming to you while I’m away. Andy looked at me like I was mad when I pulled out a jar of mincemeat! 

Here’s a sneak preview…..

coming soon collage  scarletscorchdroppers

Outside of the kitchen i’m very busy travel planning, there’s an epic spreadsheet and we’re snowed under with bookings and train times and visiting wish lists. Our journey will take us through at least 13 countries – thats a lot of guide books!! 

  1. How does it differ from others of its genre

The beauty of blogging is that everyone brings something different to their blog with their own unique voice, ideas and style. Thats why the list of blogs i try and keep up with is so very long! 

I will say that all my recipes will work with the most basic of equipment. It really frustrates me when you read a cookbook, or a blog, and every recipe starts with something like ‘turn your stand mixer to high speed’ – I don’t own a hand mixer let alone a beautiful stand mixer! My kitchen is super tiny, there’s no space for gadgets. If you own a mixing bowl, a wooden spoon and an oven you’ll be able to make my recipes – I know because that’s how I make them! One day I would love a beautiful kitchen aid, until that day my trusty wooden spoon will have to do! 

  1. Why do I write/create what I do?

For the love of cake and chocolate mostly! I’ve always loved to bake, since I very first made fairy cakes with my Mum back when I was a tiny thing. I find it very relaxing, and the perfect way to de-stress (except when it all goes wrong… sorry Andy). I’m a feeder at heart, and get a lot of satisfaction and joy baking people sweet treats. Blogging gives me the perfect excuse to hide myself away in the kitchen and experiment. I also love the challenge of constantly trying to improve my photographs, my writing and my recipes. Its wonderfully satisfying when it all comes together. 

  1. How does my writing/creative process work?

Most posts begin their life as ideas scribbled down into a pink notebook I have. If I’m on the move they get listed into the notes of my phone, or squeezed around the edges of appointments in my diary. Ideas come from all sorts of places, scrolling through pintrest, reading other blogs, flicking through cookbooks, restaurant menus. A lot come through nostalgia too, thinking back to lovely things we’d do or eat when we were children, or times of year, such as Christmas, when food matters the most.

Once i’ve got the idea, i’ll start drafting out the recipe, checking through other peoples versions of a recipe to see whats already out there, and get an idea of what might work. I usually spend my saturdays baking. I’m quite a messy baker so by the end of the day theres a mountain of dishes to wash, and flour everywhere. I’m trying to get into the habit of washing up as I go along! 

Things are photographed, often with everything set up on the floor with the front door wide open. I get some very odd looks, but it’s the only way to get enough light into our house! 

The finished products usually go into work with Andy and are polished off by the hungry hordes there! 

blog hop collage 2

I’m passing the blog hop over to Kim at Eat Sleep Bake Repeat. Aside from having a fabulous blog name and the most adorable bulldogs you have ever seen,  Kim posts deliciously naughty recipes after my own heart, like this chocolate cheesecake cake and these nutella hob nob truffles. She also runs her own business making stunning celebration cakes – if you live in the Bristol area make sure you check out her work! 

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  1. Love the fact that you are already working on Christmas! I am starting to think about it and I don’t have the excuse of going travelling!

    • I think because we’re leaving Hong Kong, but arrive home around Christmas, I feel like Christmas is just around the corner! I keep having to remind myself its only August. I think its perfectly acceptable to get excited early though!

      • Definitely! And I can imagine how close Christmas seems when you have the next four months more or less all planned out.

        I know it’s only August but there have been a couple of days recently when I have caught a whiff of autumn! I feel guilty but also excited at the same time.

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