Happy 50th Birthday Nutella! My top Nutella recipes


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One of my favourite ingredients turns 50 this week – Happy Birthday Nutella!

Nutella is a very dangerous product for me to have in the kitchen. When it’s around I find myself throwing a few spoons into whatevers baking. I spread it over what ever I can find. Toast, digestive biscuits, rice crackers, they all taste better with a generous spread of Nutella. In the absence of all spreading options, however, I will occasionally dive in with a spoon. Sometimes I like to tell myself that this is in fact a ‘healthier’ choice of snack. I really didn’t want the carbs underneath the Nutella, so why not just eat the Nutella in its pure form and enjoy it at its best? Now I reckon thats sound logic!

Anyway, to celebrate Nutella’s birthday, here are my top Nutella recipes!


Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes with Nutella Buttercream 

These are one of my favourite cupcakes. A moist chocolate cake wrapped around a fererro rocher and topped with the star of the show, a big mountain of nutella buttercream. Nutella does beautiful things to buttercream, it’s smooth, rich, chocolatley, nutty. Just perfect in so many ways. Once you’ve tried nutella buttercream, regular chocolate buttercream will never taste the same again.


Nutella and Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies 

Deep, dark chocolate cookies, stuffed with Nutella and pockets of salted caramel. As you bite into the cookies, the middle melts into your mouth, realising  little pools of Nutella swirled together with salted caramel. Oh, and theres some chocolate chips thrown in there too, just because we can!


Oreo and Nutella Truffles 

Are you, like me, the sort of person that eats Nutella off a spoon? I’m not ashamed to say I am. If you are, you’re going to love these truffles.  A smooth filling made of oreo cookie crumbs, cream cheese and lashings of Nutella. Each little truffle is covered in a thick layer of chocolate, and each bite is heavenly.


Butterscotch, Vanilla and Nutella Girdle Buster Pie 

 A mammoth ice cream pie, filled with vanilla ice cream and nutella and topped with butterscotch sauce. It’s rich, decadent and just a little bit silly. Perfect eaten really cold, just out of the freezer, but even better as its starts to melt in your bowl, mingling everything together into a Nutellaey, butterscotchy creamy dream.


Fererro Rocher Nutella Swirl Blondies

Another recipe featuring the wonderful partnership of nutella with fererro rocher. Did you know that both products are actually made by the same company, probably the reason why they’re such natural partners in baking! These blondies are perfectly chewy and nutty. Each bite is different, some filled with chewy, buttery blondie, some with a nutty crunch, and others soft and gooey with puddles of Nutella.


Nutella and Banana Muffins 

One of the very first nutella recipes I made on this blog, but still a classic. The combination of banana and nutella is one of my firm favourites. Nutella works beautifully swirled in the muffin, reminding me of Nutella and banana crepes eaten in Paris under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

Well there you have it, my favourite recipes featuring my favourite chocolate spread. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little celebration of Nutella!

If thats not enough for you, come back next week for a brand new Nutella recipe!

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  1. My, that girdle buster pie really does look like a belt buster!

    • I think its best to only make it on occasions when you know you’ll be able to have a lie down straight after! That and stock your fridge with a months worth of salad to make up for it…..

      • An be in company that you know well enough so that you can put your pjamas (or any other elasticated waisted item of clothing) on either before, during or after!

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