Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Pistachio Tiffin

Dark chocolate, ginger and pistachio tiffin

Remember I told you that our power went out last Thursday? Well, we’re still living off that somewhat worrying emergency wiring situation. The thing that needs fixing (I don’t know anything about wiring so i can’t tell you what exactly it is…) is outside, and we can’t get anyone to fix it until the rain stops. At the moment, the rain really isn’t stopping. We can’t turn on the air-conditioning for fear of overloading the system and, more devastatingly, we can’t use the oven. All the recipes i’d planned on baking this Saturday had to be cancelled. I was really looking forward to a day in the kitchen, so I set about thinking what I could make that didn’t need an oven.

Dark chocolate, ginger and pistachio tiffin

I started with the obvious choice, Tiffin.

Tiffin, or fridge cake as you may know it, is a wonderfully simple recipe to put together. Despite its ease its deliciously tasty, and you know its always going to fly out of the tin wherever you take it. I was lucky enough to be given a mars bar and malteaser tiffin made by my lovely friend Becca for my birthday. Despite being groaningly full of burgers, we still somehow managed to polish off the whole tin. That’s how good tiffin is!

This is a decadently grown up tiffin.

It would be a rich and delicious after dinner treat. All the elements add something unique. The dark, rich chocolate is set off wonderfully by the spice and heat of the ginger biscuits. The meringue is sweet, and the pistachio shines through each bite.

Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Pistachio Tiffin

I love the tastes, but for me its the textures that really make this tiffin. You’ve got a good solid crunch from the biscuits, and a softer, slightly chewy crumble from the meringue. The pistachios bring along that soft, slightly yielding nutty bite. There are chunks of milk chocolate stirred through, which melt slightly into the dark chocolate as you mix, but still leave you with little pockets of creamy deliciousness.  It’s all wrapped up in smooth, buttery dark chocolate, which melts on your fingers as you nibble a square.

Have you got any good ‘baking’ recipes that don’t need an oven? I’d love to hear them!

Dark Chocolate, Ginger and Pistachio Tiffin

(adapted from Jamie Oliver)


150g ginger biscuits

50g ready made meringue

100g pistachios (shell-less weight)

200g dark chocolate

1 tablespoon golden syrup

150g butter

100g milk chocolate


Line a 9X7 or 8×8 inch pan with cling film.

Weigh your ginger biscuits into a large, sturdy bowl. Using the end of a rolling pin (or the bottom of a strong bottle), crush the biscuits until you have a  mixture of crumbs and large chunks.

Crumble the meringue into the bowl.

Shell and roughly chop the pistachios. You can give them a couple of quick blasts in a food processor if you want to save time.

Roughly chop the milk chocolate into chunks.

Add into the chocolate chunks into the bowl. Stir together until everything is evenly distributed in the bowl.

Melt the dark chocolate, golden syrup and butter together in a  pan. Stir regularly to ensure the chocolate doesn’t burn.

Pour the melted chocolate over the biscuit mixture. Stir the chocolate through until everything is well covered in chocolate.

Pour into your prepared tin and press the mixture down into an even layer.

Put into the fridge and chill for at least two hours, until the tiffin is fully set.



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  1. YUM!

  2. Oh god, I love tiffin like there’s no tomorrow! And ginger, yes, tiffin and ginger…..

  3. Yum! Tiffin is one of my favourites.

    How about cheesecake? You don’t need an oven to make a ‘no-bake’ one.

  4. Aww man this looks amazing. Drool….

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