Ice Cream and Chocolate White Russians


One of the best things about heading home is the chance to see my big brother. We are truly terrible at keeping in contact when we’re not in the same country. Except for the odd whatsapp, or the rare occasions he pops up in the back of shot when I Skype my Mum, we don’t really talk when we’re apart. It doesn’t really matter though, when we’re back in the same place its like we’ve never been away, squabbles and taunting including! After many, many years of being used for target practise, however, it’s really good these days to be able to say my big brother is actually my friend.


At one point just after finishing uni, my brother found himself in Wales running a milkshake shop. One of those incredible, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory style milkshake shops where all the chocolate bars and sweets you remember from your childhood are stacked in racks behind the counter. Once you’ve made the difficult decision which chocolates to have, sometimes mixing several together in magical creations and ridiculous concoctions, they’re blitzed up with ice cream to create a thick, creamy dream of a milkshake.


While I was at home he put on his old milkshake maker hat and whipped up some of these Ice Cream and Chocolate White Russians.

White Russians cocktails are made with milk, vodka and Kahlúa, a coffee flavoured rum liquor. They’re a tall glass of really cold milk for grown ups. I defiantly wouldn’t judge you if you were tempted to have a  cookie on the side.

Ice cream and chocolate are the perfect additions to White Russians. The resulting drinks are beautifully thick, creamy and rich. The vodka cuts through the ice cream to keep things fresh and crisp. A little of the chocolate sinks to the bottom of the glass and absorbing the vodka and Kahlúa. Alcohol soaked chocolate is a beautiful thing.

Ice Cream and Chocolate White Russians

These would be the perfect thing for a girls night in, a decedent treat for birthdays and hen nights. Sitting somewhere between a drink and dessert, you could whip them up to start off a night, or enjoy them after those early season barbecues. Sip them at the end of an evening as the sun goes down, snuggled under a blanket as night creeps over. Just don’t forget your spoon for the chocolate at the bottom of the glass.

It may only be a Tuesday, but it’s never too early to start thinking about the weekend!

Ice Cream and Chocolate White Russians

Makes 4


4 scoops vanilla ice cream

120ml full fat milk

100g dark or milk chocolate

126ml (1/2 cup) vodka

60ml (1/4 cup) Kahlúa


Scoop your ice cream into a blender. Slowly pour in the milk until it just covers the ice cream, you may not need all of the milk.

Break the chocolate into small squares and add into the blender.

Turn the blender on and blitz until the chocolate is broken up into the liquid and you have a  thick, creamy consistency.

Pour in the vodka and kahlua and give the drink another quick blitz in the blender to combine.

Pour into 4 glass, grate a little more chocolate over the top to serve, and enjoy!

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