Toblerone Cake with Toblerone Buttercream


This cake has been a little while in coming to you. I actually baked it last December for my friend Hannah’s birthday. It feels like a very long time ago now. Hurry up January, I’ve had enough of you!

 We celebrated with lots of friends, drinks, laughter and these Lindt Melting Middle Cupcakes one Saturday night.


Doesn’t the birthday girl look beautiful?


Then on Hannah’s birthday itself, just the girls went over to her flat for a Birthday dinner. Becca cooked a beautiful curry, we ate ourselves very happy indeed, and we surprised Hannah with this cake.


It’s a Toblerone lover’s dream, there’s Toblerone in the chocolate cake and more Toblerone in the buttercream. It’s covered in melted Toblerone, and topped with yet more chunks of it. I was expecting it to be over poweringly, sickly sweet but, strangely, its not. Despite all that chocolate and all those sticky sweet almonds, it’s actually quite light. The iconic little triangles sitting proudly on top of the cake are the finishing touch for me.


At first I was bit disappointed with the messy finish of the cake. I had hoped to be able to get my chocolate to drizzle artistically across the cake. Sadly this was not to be. The Toblerone just won’t do that. As it melts, gooey clumps of chocolate form around the nougaty  almonds. As you attempt to drizzle, these lumps refuse to behave, dropping clumsily where ever they fancy. The more I look at it though, the more I like this. Toblerone isn’t a smooth chocolate. We love it for it’s crunch and it’s bite. If this means my melted chocolate is lumpy, well then I don’t care one bit!


I suspect this cake would also work beautifully scaled down into cupcakes. I’m dreaming of a cake stand piled high with them, sitting in red and yellow paper cases. Perhaps arranged so the triangles of chocolate actually spell out T-O-B-L-E-R-O-N-E….. would that be too much?!

Toblerone Cake



for the cake 

225g butter

225g caster sugar

4 eggs

100g self-raising flour

100g ground almonds

1 teaspoon baking powder

50g cocoa powder

4 tablespoons milk

100g Toblerone, finely chopped

for the icing 

200g butter

200g icing sugar

100g toblerone, finely chopped

10g cocoa powder

100g toblerone, melted

1 mini toblerone, to decorate


Preheat the oven to 180C and grease and line 2 20cm cake tins.

Beat together the butter and sugar until pale and creamy.

In a separate bowl, mix together the flour, ground almonds, baking powder and cocoa powder.

Beat the eggs and milk together in a jug.

Add half the egg mixture, and half the dry ingredients to the butter and sugar. Beat together. Repeat with the rest of the eggs and dry ingredients.

Stir in the finely chopped Toblerone. You can either chop it very finely with a heavy knife, or pulse it in the food processor until you have a fine rubble.

Divide the mixture between the 2 tins, and bake for about 25 minutes, until a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Cool completely.

To make the buttercream, beat the butter until soft. Sift in the icing and mix together until creamy.

Stir in the finely chopped Toblerone. As before, it’s best to pulse the chocolate in a food processor until it’s a fine rubble.

Reserve about 50g of the buttercream.

Divide the rest of the buttercream between the middle and the top of the cake.

Pour the melted Toblerone over the top of the buttercream. It will be quite thick and lumpy due to the almonds in the chocolate.

Take the reserved buttercream. Sift in the cocoa. Pipe swirls onto the top of the cake, and top with chunks of the mini Toblerone.

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  1. Amazing!!

  2. amazing recipes

  3. Making this on Saturday for my husbands birthday! Very much looking forward to the chef’s perks of licking the melted chocolate bowl

  4. I’ve made this a couple of times now and it has gone down extremely well every time. I’m not too keen on chocolate cake usually but this is delicious! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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