Chocolate Easter Nests


These are so simple to make I’m not sure it even really counts as a recipe, more a sugar coated dose of nostalgia. I’m not sure where all this Easter nostalgia has come from this year, maybe it’s just homesickness, or it could be the large parcels full of Easter treats which arrived from home last week. Of course we’re being good little children and saving all the chocolate for Easter Sunday….. ahem.


This is the perfect recipe to make with children. Once you’ve measured out your ingredients, all you need to do is melt it all up, then stir it together. If you have boisterous boys, you could use shredded wheat instead of all bran as the base for your nests. It needs to be put it into a bowl and bash it into tiny pieces with the end of a rolling pin. It does require a bit of attention to make sure they’re only hitting the cereal, and not each other, but they love it.


You really should make these though even if you are having a child free Easter this year. They’re the type of treat everyone gets excited about and you can whip them up in ten minutes. Put them in a room full of adults and  I can almost  guarantee the mini eggs will start mysteriously disappearing, and it won’t be long before the chocolatey nests follow them. Don’t worry too much about using the right cereal. I like All Bran for it’s twig-like texture and its slightly nutty taste, but you could use anything you have to hand really. The main thing is to use more chocolate than you really think you need.

Chocolate Easter Nests


100g All Bran

100g Milk Chocolate

30g butter

1tbsp cocoa powder

1tbsp golden syrup

18  mini eggs (or any other small easter eggs)


Put the chocolate, butter, cocoa powder and golden syrup into a large pan. Melt it gently over a low heat, stirring throughout.

Once it is all melted, add in the All Bran and stir until it is completely covered.

Divide between six cake cases. Use your fingers to mold the mixture and make a slight indent in the middle of each nest. Place three mini eggs into each nest.

Put the nests in the fridge for about half an hour to set.

Share with children, or your favourite big kids.






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