Browned Butter White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies


Two words: Browned Butter. Oh my gosh, this is something wonderful. I’m always a big fan of butter in any form, but browned butter takes a good thing and makes it incredible.  I felt like an alchemist standing over the stove, waiting for the butter to melt, then froth, then slowly turn to a deep brown colour. As it browns the kitchen fills with the most beautiful, nutty aroma. It adds something to basic recipes taking them from every day to special.


These are the best cookies I have ever made. Look at my tower of cookies! I’m more experienced with crisper, crunchier biscuits, so the really chewy, delicious nature of cookies has been alluding me. I’ve been close, but I never quite achieved it before. Today, I did it! Chewy, soft, delicious white and dark chocolate chip cookies.

I must admit the white chocolate was a bit of an accident. I tried again to caramelise white chocolate, but once again after a few minutes it started to burn. My oven, it appears, has one temperature setting regardless of where you put the dial. I whipped it out the oven, removed the burnt bits and gave the rest a good stir and the result was actually pretty good. Just a little bit caramelised, just lifting the flavour of the white chocolate ever so slightly. it swirled ever so nicely through the cookies, adding another texture. Chewy cookies, a bite of dark chocolate then gooey white. Could a cookie get any better?

Browned Butter White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies



115g butter

160g plain flour

1/2 tsp corn flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp baking soda

40g brown sugar

100g caster sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 egg

100g white chocolate

70g dark chocolate


First you need to brown the butter. Heat it in a pan on a low heat, whisking occasionally. It will froth up, then reduce back down a bit. Wait for the colour to start to turn brown, then watch it very carefully until it turns a deep brown colour and has a nutty aroma. Put it into a tupperware, and pop in the freezer until it is lukewarm.

While it’s cooling, pop the white chocolate in the oven on a very low heat for about ten minutes until it’s melted. Take it out of the oven to cool slightly until it’s a thick, gooey texture.

Once the butter has cooled a bit, add the browned butter to the sugars and the vanilla and beat together until creamy and fluffy. Add in the egg and beat in.

Gradually add the dry ingredients, and mix until fully combined.

Roughly chop the chocolate into large chunks and stir into the mixture. Finally, spoon the semi melted white chocolate into the dough and squish it around a bit to create the swirls.

Wrap it in cling film and pop it in the fridge to chill for two hours. Roll the chilled dough into golf ball sized pieces, then bake in a moderate oven for about 15 minute.


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  1. Rosalyn Cranham says:

    These look good. I must try them during the Easter holiday

  2. these cookies look AMAZING!

  3. These look great! Chewy cookies alluded me too for so long! 🙂

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