February Foodie Pen-Pals


I love post. Sending parcels and cards, writing letters, shopping for presents and wrapping it all in pretty paper and ribbons. I get very excited every time I come home and see things poking out of our little tin Chinese letter box. Foreign stamps are an even great cause for excitement; seeing the Queen’s head means it must be something from home!

I only very recently discovered the world of foodie pen-pals and now I’m wondering where it’s been the rest of my life. I first came across the notion on a UK baking blog. I excitedly clicked the organisers link, all ready to sign up and take part, and was distraught to find that it was open to European residents only. I was about to start on a grumpy ‘nothings as good as home’ sulk, when I came across Jen at oh my omiyage who was setting up foodie pen-pals from Japan. Hurrah!!

If you are new to the concept of foodie pen-pals, the idea is to share food parcels with people around the world. You are given the address and contact details of one person to send a parcel to, and someone else gets to send one to you. Isn’t that just the best idea?! I got to send a parcel to Melissa in Australia. You can find her at melonface.wordpress.com, but her parcel hasn’t arrived with her yet so I won’t tell you what I put inside!  This month I received a beautiful parcel from the lovely Anastasia at Nsenses. Go and check out her blog for wonderful, dreamy pictures; she’ll add brightness to your day. She sent me a wonderful little hamper filled with all sorts of delights from her home town of Samara, Russia.


Anastasia sent me lots of delicious sweet treats. She sent some sunflower seeds to snack on, a cranberry jelly drink to make up with water, dark chocolate made in her home town, berry syrup, a yummy pot of jam and her favourite sesame seed candy.


Nestled amongst all the biggest items where lots of these little chocolates and sweets. They were a whole range of different flavours. I haven’t tried them all yet, but so far they’ve all been yummy. Aren’t the wrappers beautiful?

IMG_4270Lastly, some of my favourite things; an adorable spiced cake and a wishing card. I can’t tell you what I wished for, or it might not come true.

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  1. oh, Jennie) me so so happy))) now waiting for Melissa’s parcel to reach me)
    but it’s such a wonderful feeling to know you are enjoying))))
    with love

  2. I hope your parcel from Melissa is as wonderful as mine đŸ™‚ Thank you again! xx

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