Banana Bread


Banana Bread is one of those wonderful, everyday kind of cakes. It’s really simple to make, uses cheap ingredients and has a vague suggestion of health around it which somehow makes it acceptable to tuck into a mid afternoon slice on a fairly regular basis.Every recipe I’ve ever seen suggests that you need really ripe bananas, the ones that are almost black with a bit of an unpleasant squishiness. In my house this just doesn’t happen. Bananas hardly get chance to ripen to a pleasing yellow before they’re gone. Sad news for banana bread. However I recently found this article all about making perfect banana bread which suggests that, no, whilst banana bread is great for using up old bananas they don’t have to be really ripe at all. Hurrah!

This recipe makes a lovely, moist loaf. It’s a simple recipe, but if you want to make it fancier you can chuck in nuts, spices or chocolate to raise it up to something a little more special.

Banana Bread

(recipe adapted from BBC food)



225g Self Raising Flour

125g Caster sugar

100g Soft Brown Sugar

100g Soft Margarine

3 eggs

450g (about 5 medium)bananas


– Preheat the over to 350f/180C/gas 4. Lightly grease and line a 1kg loaf tin.

– Put the flour, sugars, margarine and eggs into a mixing bowl. Beat with a wooden spoon until all the ingredients are mixed together.

РPeel the bananas and mash them up in a separate bowl. You are aiming for well mashed bananas, but you still want to keep a few lumps and a bit of texture.  Stir your bananas into the flour mixture.

– Here you can be a little creative if you like and add in some extras. A couple of handfuls of roughly chopped walnuts, raisins or chocolate chunks work well. Alternatively you could add some orange zest, or a teaspoon of allspice.

– Pour your mixture into the prepared tin and bake for about an hour and a half. If the top is browning a little too quickly, cover it in foil during the cooking.

– Cool and eat in thick slices.

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