Goulash Fairy Tales

ImageTake a train deep into the heart of the Czech Republic. Leave the suburbs of Prague far behind and push on through fields and tree covered hills. Jump onto a smaller train and keep going deeper in, further into South Bohemia. You will be rewarded with one of the gems of Europe. Cesky Kromlov is a fairy tale, a place lost by time. Encircled by a bend in the Vltava region, this 13th Century little town is simply magical. Wander around twisting streets under beautifully painted houses. Stand by the river and look up at the majestic castle standing imposingly upon exposed rock. Negotiate the creaking stairs of the colourful castle tower. Eat in the subterranean taverns and restaurants hidden away in vaults and arches. Drink Beer. Eat Goulash.


Goulash is a very special stew.

Brown Beef in a pan, add peppers, tomatoes and a dash of wine. Chop some potatoes and stock and let it all boil together. Season, and add the most important ingredient; Paprika. Let it all simmer for a few hours. Let it become deep and sticky and rich. Pour it into a bowl and eat with stodgy potato dumplings, or soak up the sauce with crusty bread. You’ll feel warmed, comforted.


Try this recipe from the Hairy Bikers. The scent of it bubbling in my kitchen takes me back to that beautiful little town where fairy tales could be possible.


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