Sunday Sun

There’s nothing like good food, free flowing wine, sunday afternoon and sunshine. There’s nothing like Jumbo Resturant.

Hong Kong’s tackiest place to dine, Jumbo restaurant is a massive floating goliath, decked out from top to toe in the most elaborate form of chinese decor and more  gold paint and red light bulbs than you ever thought possible. Escape the city. A serene boat ride through the fishing boats and luxury yachts brings you up to this wonder of Hong Kong dining. Climb up gold steps covered with cast lions, slip through the side door and up a narrow staircase (bright red, naturally) and emerge into the sun of the Topdeck.

True, is gaudy. Yes, perhaps it does exist for the tourist dollar. But these things aside it is one of the nicest places  in Hong Kong to be on a sunday afternoon.

Imagine sitting in the sun watching the world drift past you. Imagine a buffet spread thickly with fresh seafood on ice, crisp salads, steaming curries, duck pancakes carved from juicy roast duck. Imagine your wine glass never being left empty. Add to this a man ready and willing to make you a delicious ice cream laden crepe (even though you’re so full you could burst) and you’re at the Jumbo sunday brunch.

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